Brainloop Secure DataRoom Review

If you are looking for secure software for your company, we suggest you take a look at Brainloop Virtual Data Room. This is a comprehensive solution that is more focused on companies that deal with a lot of transactions in their business. What are the features of this virtual room and what are the benefits for customers – read our brief review.


Main technical parameters of Brainloop virtual data room

Like most virtual data rooms on the market today, Brainloop is a platform that operates according to the principles of the cloud. Users not only get file storage space, but also a secure workspace for sharing documents and supporting documentation. In addition, Brainloop users also get:

  1. A wide range of tools and options for a wide range of tasks. These tools are more focused on companies that work with transactions and a large number of clients and business partners.
  2. Adaptability. To get access to the virtual room tools, you don’t need to install software on the user’s device – just get an invitation to the virtual space. This simplifies the process of introducing the platform in the company, while it does not matter in what conditions it works – in the office or remotely.
  3. High level of security. Data security is ensured not only by using various latest-generation technologies, but also by the system of centralized management of the internal platform space, including processes of protection and authentication of users. Also it is not necessary to say that only users who were registered in the system could get access to the platform’s tools.
  4. Versatility. Despite the fact that the main trump card of the virtual data room is work with documents, it can be used in companies with different profile of activity. Tools and options are not only wide enough, but also convenient for adaptation to the peculiarities of work in each company. Also, the scale of the company does not matter – the platform will be useful for both small and large companies.

Some users, despite these advantages, indicate that Brainloop is not very user-friendly. The reason for that is its somewhat complicated interface, which can take some time to learn its peculiarities. However, this drawback is fully compensated by the advantages of Brainloop.


What purposes can I use Brainloop Data Room for?

We already mentioned that Brainloop virtual data room can be used for different purposes, but it will be most effective for the following:

  • Maintaining communication with a large number of customers and business partners, even when working remotely;
  • Working with large volumes of documentation;
  • Tracking the company’s performance at all structural levels;
  • Work planning for different periods.

Brainloop Virtual Data Room gives you a user-friendly and functional interface as well as many other benefits. It is also available to a large number of customers around the world.